Information Technology


Information Technology- forking pathways


Two roads diverged in a wood… These immortal verses of Robert Frost resonate in our minds when we think of career options that look similar but diverge after a certain point causing a dilemma. One such dilemma comes between choosing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) and B.Sc. (IT). Both courses catering to the job opportunities in the information Technology sector, there are subtle differences between the two. Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is three year undergraduate program for the students who want to carve a niche for themselves in the field of computer science. This program consists of six semesters each with duration of six months. In the sixth semester you need to go in for an Industrial Training in an organization four to six weeks. As far as the content is concerned, you would be studying various areas of computer science, programming, database design, software engineering, networks and information systems. The linear path it prepares you for is pursuing a postgraduate research degree or employment in any variety of roles in organizations that require expert professionals, who can apply computer science principles to lift businesses, streamline their processes and use technology to solve their real life problems. BCA has a professional focus as far as content and pedagogy is concerned. The admission to most colleges is based on an entrance test, the eligibility for most is 50% or above in XII with Mathematics as a compulsory subject. Dainish Hingwe, Executive Director, Technossus Software Services says,”B.C.A and B.Sc. IT, both are technical courses that can provide better job opportunities in the field of Computer application or Information technology. If you want to make a career in Software development BCA is a better option. In case you want to broad base yourself in Physics and Mathematics too B.Sc. IT is best. It is also good for those students who want to see their career in Management, teaching or database field. Most of the B.Sc. IT students prefer to go Postgraduate Management Degree MBA and use IT knowledge as additional skill set in management field”.(Chabra G, 2013, “information technology forking pathways” Daily Excelsior, 29 may 2014)

(2009, What is Information Technology, 17 sep, 29 may 2014)


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